Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22)

Horoscope #1

This can be a very spiritual New Moon for you because your emotions are not necessary verbalized, adding intensity to your dreams. Instead of seeking fulfillment in the outer world, this is a day for inner journeying. Don't worry about where this process leads, for it's okay to be without goals now. Just let your imagination unfold the story you need to hear. Hopefully it will make sense later on.

Horoscope #2

Your social group is vital to making it through the day -- not that it will be so very difficult, but you should find that any obstacle can be overcome with a little boost from a good friend.

Horoscope #3

Stick to your guns and stand by what you want -- being stubborn is the right thing.

Horoscope #4

You can make fun out of anything today -- there will be nothing that can bore you.

Horoscpoce #5

You need to try something totally new today and you can tell that there are more opportunities than you can easily see. Go looking -- but don't take too long! You need to start soon.

Horoscope #6

You may not really understand what's going on today -- or why you are responding the way you are -- but that's perfectly okay. You may be on autopilot in some way, but it's for a good reason.

Okay so I'm generally undecided as to the validity of horoscopes but the above are a few of my recent ones. They seem to apply quite nicely which has me wondering something. Is there a universal plan for everything? Are we all just along for the ride? What if our ultimate destinies are predetermined and the only part where freewill comes into play is the paths we take to arrive there?

Hm, too much for my addled brain today. Going off to ponder the deeper meaning of life. If you figure it out first, please share your insights.


Amarinda Jones said...

Personally, I think your life is basically pre-determined when you are born. I think fate gives you A & B choices all the time to allow you some control but basically you just wander along and do the best you can. This explains why chocolate and alcohol was invented. They intervene when fate sucks.

Ashley Ladd said...

Horoscopes are like fortune cookies - almost always generic and could apply to anybody. At least the small ones in the mags and papers.