Saturday, July 5, 2008

I was Just Plain Bad

At one point back in the late 80's/early 90's I used to go to aerobics, 8 classes in 6 days. I've always had breasts and hips but at that point the rest of me was sooo toned. I was not only tan but also blond from spending so much time in the sun. My hair was long which, for me, always means ringlets.

I was wound a little tight so my buddy in the red plaid boxers suggested a long weekend at the beach. Since he was constantly traveling he had limitless frequent flyer miles and was very generous about sharing them with me. He also pealed shrimp for me when we went out without being asked. Really, how could I refuse?

Do you remember the Alannah Myles song, Black Velvet, that was popular at that time? It was one of the songs from my exercise class. Anyway we got into the elevator at the Hilton in North Myrtle Beach with the bellhop just as it began. I loved that song. It made me need to move. So I did.

My pal just tilted his head and watched as I used the bellboy for the pole in my dance. Poor kid might have been all of 17 and I'm guessing it was one of his first days of work. He got redder and redder with each button opened but didn't seem upset having my shirt draped over his shoulder. Nor did he seem to mind holding my bra when I flung it at him. I had my shorts unzipped and halfway off my hips when we reached our floor. You should have seen the flourish with which I snagged my top and flung in back over one shoulder as I sauntered down the hall to our room. Yeah, I had a whole lot of ATTITUDE back then.

Once inside I dropped my shirt and stood, looking out of the window so I have no idea how much his tip was. I'm sure it was a good one since he'd been so nice, putting up with my shenanigans as he had. My friend? He thought I was amusing but he was used to me misbehaving. His only comment was that he bet the kid never forgets that song. Me too. Hey it still makes me smile every time I hear it.

It wasn't until hours later, when we had a waiter in the lounge tripping all over himself that I considered the possibility of a security camera. Do you think I might still be famous somewhere?

Update Tour de France -
inner Stage 1, July 5 - Valverde of Spain
Winner Stage 2, July 6 - Hushovd of Norway
Overall leader - Valverde of Spain


Anny Cook said...

Well, yes. I would say that you made your mark in more than one way!

Amarinda Jones said...

well, what can I were toned!!! I think that is more shocking than stripping with the bellboy.

Sandra Cox said...

A star was born.....:)

Molly Daniels said...

The girl's got 'tude! Watch out!

Wonder if you're starring in some bachelor party somewhere...

Kelly Kirch said...

You are sooooo bad!!! Security cams and replay and locker room gossip. I betcha those guys played and replayed that video til it wore down.