Monday, July 21, 2008

I Was Bad at Work Too

No, not where I am currently. Where I worked before. I don’t know what made me think about this but I was sitting where I work now and it popped into my mind. I spent the rest of the afternoon chuckling. I can’t help it, it was something that ridiculous.

You know the hooks on the inside of bathroom stall doors meant for hanging purses and coats? Somehow or other the safety committee got it stuck in their heads that we were so uncoordinated we’d trip and fall in the act of pulling up our panties and wind up poking our eyes out with them.What did they do? First they had them removed. Wow did that cause an uproar! So much of one that they replaced them only they put them at the very tiptop of the doors. We didn’t have any Amazons working there so they figured that was safe.

I, however, wasn’t taking any chances. Being the caring individual that I am, I went in early the next morning and added caution signs to the doors with arrows pointing to the hooks. Practical, right? It was also more aesthetically pleasing because I positioned the signs to cover the original holes.

All was dandy until one of the safety committee members used the ladies room. Then all hell broke loose. She did not take it at all well. In fact, she had the IT department do a search of everyone’s computer to try to determine who made the signs. Thank goodness they’d been done at home. I thought she might guess by the double-sided tape I affixed them with but fortunately she never did. I was a buyer at the time so I had all sorts of industrial grade samples at my desk. It took the poor maintenance guy eons to scrape them off since of course I lined the entire paper with tape.

I considered telling her many times before I left the company but feared she would still not have a sense of humor about the incident so I’m confessing here instead. I’m sure she’ll hear about it eventually. P, when you do, I’m sorry. It was meant as a joke and never intended to upset you. Um, just out of curiosity, why did it upset you so much?

Tour de France update –Rest day today, July 21
Cadel Evans in 3rd place, down by 8 seconds


Amarinda Jones said...

Excellent - an A grade effort in pissing off the anal management types. I applaud your efforts and I am humbled by greatness

Molly Daniels said...

I used to work for a certain company, and soon after I left, I went out drinking with my ex-boss. He told me about some of the females he'd hired and fired after I left, and for what reason. I said, 'So all those times I sassed you, bossed you right back, and refused to do certain tasks, you could have FIRED me at any time? Why didn't you?'

'You were fun to have around and better looking than the others!'

That's my only 'claim to fame' for not behaving in the workplace, ha ha!

Regina Carlysle said...

I love girls who misbehave. Hysterical. Did they REALLY think women were gonna poke their eyes out??? OMG.

Molly Daniels said...

Some 'safety officers' take it to the extreme. Sometimes you wonder how they come up with some stuff!

Ray said...

Why didn't they take the door off so you wouldn't pinch your fingers?

Safety committees can really make up rules just because they thought of them.

There is, or at least there was an OSHA rule that when you were working on a bridge you had wear a flotation device even if the water was being diverted. You could fall and break your neck, but no chance of drowning unless you peed your pants as you fell off the bridge.


Neeley said...

It's only funny because I know exactly who this is... and I am really curious why it upset her so much too!