Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Truly Random Thoughts

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Well Wednesday has come and gone for the week and I haven't made one. If you missed last week's blog, Wednesday is the day when you walk out on your life. It's not set in stone but it sounded good when I heard it so I'm sticking to it. I think I haven't reached any conclusions because I really don't have to for another week. Yeah, I'm not into preplanning these days so I'm going to wait until the last minute. Makes life more interesting that way. Besides, I have no idea where I'd go anyway.

Long weekend this weekend due to the Fourth. Anyone have any big plans? Me? My friend Neeley will be home so I'm sure we'll get up to something. I even got a new T-shirt for the occasion (see above). If you're in the area please join us. No matter what, it'll be an adventure. Neeley always is although she's a bit concerned about me at the moment...see above. Whatever you end up doing, don't forget to take a moment and remember the significance of the day if you're from the states - Independence Day.

Anyone interpret dreams? I don't think I've told you yet but I tend to have screaming nightmares. I know I'm dreaming but knowing doesn't help combat the terror. The only things that work are screaming or moving. Do you know how hard it is to make yourself do either when you're trapped in a nightmare? Even once I'm awake I have to get up and move around for a while or I'll slip right back into it. Anyway, I'm often in an apartment, always the same one but not one where I've ever really been. Sometimes other people there. I can hear them talking but I can't make out what they're saying nor can I see them. At some point, I'll be alone in a room and that's when this guy, always the same one, shows up to try to kill me. Once, when the apartment was on the second floor, he was climbing in the kitchen window. I threw boiling water in his face and slammed the screen down, cutting off a few of his fingertips. Yeah, that really pissed him off as every subsequent dream has shown. The apartment's also been in the basement. In that one, I ran out the real door while he was prying open the outside cellar door. What petrifies me the most is the little symbol that he's always wearing on his clothes. It's sort of an eye only instead of lashes it has long, squiggly lines around it. The shirts are generally green, the eye, gold and rust. Once, when the apartment was a house, the guy planted several stakes with this figure on them in the yard. That time they were alive and encroaching on the house while he stood back and watched. Thank goodness I woke myself up before they got inside. Something that makes these nightmares even scarier is that I'm positive I will pass this man in the street one day. Then what do I do? Any idea what any of this means?

One more thing...I finished picking at my WIP. Yay me! Just waiting to find out who to send it to and then it'll be out there on it's own. That's okay. I have faith in it. Still, a good thought from all of you wouldn't hurt. Now what to work on next...


Amarinda Jones said...

You will not pass this man on the street. He is a dream only. What that dream means to me is that you feel like you have lost control and everything is getting to you. The good thing is you recognize it, you are fighting it and you will get on top of it

Molly Daniels said...


What's going on this weekend? Van getting fixed; more birthday celebrations; restocking my food supply for the week.

Happy 4th of July:)

Anny Cook said...

I'm with Amarinda. They sound like scary dreams for sure.

Instead of trying to control everything, find one little thing and control THAT. No one can control everything.

Hanging out at the house. Doing NOTHING! Call me if you want ideas of where to go...