Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Rumination

“Worthy or not, my life is my subject, and my subject is my life.”
Giacomo Casanova

I’ve lost the ability to write. No, not that one. I still have plenty of characters swarming in my mind, doing all sorts of this, that and then some. I mean the other one, the act of putting pen to paper and forming legible symbols thus creating words.

It’s an ongoing problem, not just one that comes and goes with the functionality of my thumbs though I do have a touch of arthritis in them. I used to think it was because I was generally rushing when I wrote something down. Last weekend, I attempted to write a letter and took my time. The result was only marginally better. Are you having the same difficulty with manual tasks?

Is it because in this day and age everything is done on the computer instead of by hand? Using a keyboard definitely does not utilize the same motions. Have my writing muscles deteriorated to the point of a four-year-old? Maybe I need to practice just like we did as children. I know how the letters are supposed to look so it might be a skill I can redevelop.

It makes sense in a way. As you know, I used to play the double bass. My mind remembers how to play but my hands didn’t the last time I tried. Hm, maybe I should relearn how to do that too. I wonder if they have a music camp for adults. Here’s a thought. Perhaps, since I’m an alumnus, I could go back to the same one I went to as a kid. Can’t you just see it now, me with a hoard of teenagers? Anybody want to come to the concert on parents day?

Tour de France Update –
Winner Stage 6, July 10 – Ricco – Italy
Overall leader – Kirchen – Luxemburg
AJ – Cadel Evans is in second, behind by only 6 seconds


Molly Daniels said...

I'll join you. I could use a refresher course on either drums or piano!

Of course, I could just go get Rock Band...too bad they didn't have that one on display at Circuit City...I'd probably still be there!

Amarinda Jones said...

6 seconds is nothing - an Aussie will win. I predict it as so.

As for writing...I used to have this really neat, nice handwriting but now it's wild and messy and I think what happened? Could be that I got wilder and messier...hmmmm...

Anny Cook said...

Use it or lose it isn't just a cliche. I try to "write" everyday. Notes about the books I'm working on, notes to myself.

And I also "color" a couple times a week. Usually work on maps or sketches for costumes or stuff. Not because I'm a great artist--I'm not. It's just easier to "see" if I draw it.

Barb, I also do calligraphy. You might hunt around at a craft store and take a calligraphy class. It's great for fine motor control and not difficult. Fun to be with a bunch of other people who are all moaning about whether their strokes are slanted enough!