Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sorry, Too Hot to Think

A Question…

Do you use your whole house? Actively, I mean? I walked through a room and realized nothing in it had been moved for who knows how long. That started me thinking.

Although I would never want to live any place with less space than I have now, the majority of my house is unnecessary for anything other than storage. When I was in Haiti, I saw 6’x6’cinderblock huts with openings where the windows and doors should have been which housed entire multi-generational families. Am I being selfish, hoarding this basically empty extra space all for myself?

Perhaps I should start throwing things away. Seriously, if I haven’t touched something for literally years, do I really need to keep it? If I found a home for my 10,000 books I could probably fit everything essential that was left over into my car and that’s with the three cat carriers taking up the whole back seat.Yes, it does having me thinking…

Don’t forget about the awesome chats at Litergasm this week.

Wednesdsay July 30 - Desiree Holt 7pm - 10pm EST
Thursday July 31 - Ann Cory 7pm - 10pm EST
Friday August 1 - Brynn Paulin 7pm - 10pm EST
Saturday August 2 - The BIG PARTY!! 6pm - 1am EST

If you’re reading this Wednesday, Anny Cook and some of her friends are chatting on the Talking TwoLips group tonight from 7-10. If it’s already Thursday I feel safe in saying that you missed a few hours of fun. Shame on you!


Anika Hamilton said...

If you throw anything out, you will absolutely need it the next day. Seriously.

And if you get a smaller space, you are going to have to lease one of those storage places to house the new things you will buy.

I saw the same things when I lived in Jamaica. Personally, I don't think liking your space means you are selfish.

Ashley Ladd said...

My house has 6 people sharing 1500 sq ft, so we're cramped. DS#2 is squatting in the garage as he couldn't stand to be in the bedroom with DS#3 any longer. So I could seriously use more space.

My day job is for a charity that helps the poor of the Third World, primarily Haiti and Jamaica and I've also seen the slums in those countries and the teensy huts huge families live in. Compared to them, my family is blessed with a lot of space even if we think we're cramped. We need to feng shui this place big time but I can't any of them to throw out anything. It seems I'm the only one willing to give up things to make space.

Regina Carlysle said...

Ah, I know what you mean about the "little collections" most of us have. Junk here, junk there but just can't bring myself to toss it. Anika's right. If you throw it out you'll need it the next day. That's what I always tell myself anyway.

The chat was FUN. Loved the excerpt you posted.

Amarinda Jones said...

I often have periods where I check stuff out or give it away. Someone may as well get some benefit from the stuff.

Can we have your heat please!!!!!

Anny Cook said...

Yes, you can have our heat!

Thank you for coming to the chat! I'm glad you had fun!

As for space... I've lived in everything from a hut to a three bedroom home. Whatever the size of the house/space...we expand our belongings to fit there.

Molly Daniels said...

Mu PC had a hissy fit last night, lol:)

I'll gladly take those books off your hands:)

barbara huffert said...

Thanks Regina!

Ashley, we should talk sometime.

Molly, the library's always open for you! C'mon over.

AJ you sure can have the heat. Maybe when we're wealthy we could do a seasonal house exchange and stay in the temperature range we all prefer.