Thursday, July 17, 2008

One of Those Days

Ever have a day where over half the people who cross your path annoy you? The majority weren't even personally offensive. They were simply being annoying in my general vicinity. That's just plain wrong.

Actually it's a carry-over from last night. It seemed as soon as my head began to feel better someone popped up I believe specifically for the purpose of aggrivating me so my headache would flare up and go back to causing me major amounts of intense pain. I'm so disappointed about this one. The individual knew I was on day five of the killer migraine from hell and yet he went out of his way to phrase something to me that he knew would inflict maximum hurt. Guess I must have pissed him off royally at some point in the not so distant past and he's been just waiting for the perfect opportunity to let it out.

Today I had two, count 'em, two men chase after me, one of them twice. Unfortunately not for anything even remotely good. No, that's not how today was meant to be for me. Frankly, I feel I deserve some sort of major award for a) not staring and saying flat-out no, b) not laughing in their faces and asking what are you f-ing nuts, c) not smacking either of them upside the head because trust me, that's what should have occurred, and d) hiding my reactions so well neither realized how close I was to doing all of the above. Good thing I remembered to wear my "Harm None" ring today. Otherwise I may have forgotten I'm a pacifist at heart.

Thank goodness I'm home now. The only thing I might have to deal with tonight is Harry unrolling the paper towels again. Lately, he's been doing that every time I turn around. Hm, perhaps I'll just leave them on the pile he puts them on until morning when I'm over the grumpiness that follows taking my migraine meds too many days in a row.

I have the day off tomorrow. Maybe that's why today was such a nuisance. The comsic powers decided to mess with me because all the annoying people have to work and they're jealous. Yes, that could very well be. Gee, that's too bad...I'm going to enjoy my day of freedom anyway without feeling the slightest trace of guilt for doing so. I haven't decided what I'm going to do after I finish the errand I have to deal with first thing in the morning. There's a blues concert in the park. I'd really like to go but it depends on how hot it is. Despite all the plotting against me today, I'm still feeling decent and I'd like to stay that way for a little while at least. Oh while I'm out I do need to check if August's issue of Playboy has hit the stands and buy one if it has. Why? Sorry, you'll have to wait for that blog to find out.

Wow, I'm feeling so much better now...perhaps I'll go see what kind of trouble I can stir up tonight after all. Kelly, my car is a little dusty. I could start with washing it!

Tour de France Update -
Winner Stage 12, July 17 - Cavendish, Great Britain
Overall Leader - Cadel Evans, Australia, still by one second


Anita Birt said...

What a delicious rant. Anyone suffering migraines has my sympathy. I hope you feel better after your day off. I come from a migraine suffering family but I escaped - unless I drink too much red wine!

Men chasing you? What kind of perfume were you trailing? Did you flash at them? No, of course not, you are too ladylike to even think such a thing.

Ashley Ladd said...

Stir up trouble? Sounds like fun.

Having men chase you is supposed to be fun. Sounds like the start of a book idea.

Molly Daniels said...

Are you flashing your boobs again?

I also 'have the day off'...Ms Drama Queen and Mr. Energy duly returned to mama tonight! Daughter may be returning to her second home; K will be at work. Now if I could just find someone to take W for a couple of hours...

Amarinda Jones said...

Hmmm...that blog just made me curious and curiouser...which is probably what you meant to do - damn it!

Sandra Cox said...

Enjoy your day off, Ms. Barbara. Glad the headaches have backed off. I've never had a migraine but have heard they're monsters.

Kelly Kirch said...

LOL!! Save yourself the trouble and just wash it naked. I mean, it's such a hassle to wring out all those wet clothes. Who knows? Maybe you could even do your stripper pole immitation with the bumper. I'd come join you but I'd scare away your fans. ;)

Anny Cook said...

Glad you're feeling better, Barbara! Migraines are the pits!