Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Stuff/Bad Stuff

First the good - Last night was so much fun! But then an evening with the little girls always is. Can I still call them that? They're 14 so probably not. Anyway we had a great dinner and the show was awesome.

I have to confess I never saw the movie version of Footloose. For some reason I really didn't like Kevin Bacon at all back then and I wasn't into dancing so I skipped it. Never got around to it even though Kevin's grown on me. Riley however, has and in her opinion it's much better as a musical. Go see it if you have the chance. It's long but worth it.

Now the bad - My car. Remember when I was a good girl and went off and had the oil changed? A few days after that I noticed some oil on the street. It took a little while but I determined it was coming from my car. I called and was told to bring it back, perhaps the filter is defective. So at 5:45 this morning I scooted off to the garage.

I got to be there today when the mechanic put it up on the lift. Normally I have to wait in the waiting room but it was just the two of us so he let me in the garage with him. Actually it was because we got there at the same time and he hadn't even turned all the lights on before he pulled my car inside. Up it went and instantly he started shaking his head. Nope, not the filter. Or the drain plug. He suspects it may be the head gasket. Since it's a Saab you can't really tell without taking the top of the engine apart. If that's the cause, I'm well and truly screwed here. It'll cost more to fix than a) I paid for the car and b) the car is worth.

I have an appointment for next week, just in case it's the breather valve thingy malfunctioning. That's fairly cheap and easy so it's worth checking. In the mean time I am to drive as little as possible and always carry oil to add frequently as the leak will continue to get worse.

Yep, life really sucks some days with how it can go from fun to depressing in a flash.

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Amarinda Jones said...

I think it will be the "breather valve thingy malfunctioning." My old 1985 Mazda was like this. The money I spent on that cow of a car...