Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Howie the Tweetie Bug. My new toy. Isn’t he cute?

I spotted him online Sunday when I was doing some research into what I might have to spend. The price was almost within my range and the place, John’s Great Cars, New Holland Road location was one that had been recommended to me as somewhere I would be treated decently. I figured it couldn’t hurt to start my quest there.

Armed with information of what to check for, thank you Curly, I set out and within minutes I’d decided I wanted it. Yes, that’s all it took because no, I didn’t drive it first. I suspected the clutch would be very different from the Saab’s and didn’t feel the need to have the salesman rolling his eyes at me. Not that Matt would have let me catch him if we had gone for a test drive. He was most excellent throughout the entire transaction and I’m very pleased, especially since he took the Saab off my hands instead of making me dispose of it elsewhere.

So paperwork complete I hopped in Howie and took off. Yep, the clutch and steering are a lot looser than the Saab’s. That’s okay, I’ll get used to it. He’s also no where near as zippy but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. No more speeding tickets for me and I get to use all the gears. He did heat up much faster, the radio works and the instrument lights are soft blue. Besides for all that he’s a happy little car and he makes me laugh.

We’re very easy to recognize so if you pass us on the street be sure to wave. Oh and if you need a car go see Matt and tell him Howie and I sent you.


Anonymous said...

He is just too cute!!!

Bet he gets great gas mileage.
I want one now.


Regina Carlysle said...

I absolutely adore him, especially since he makes my laugh. So happy you bought him a daisy for his little vase. YAY

Amarinda Jones said...

I loved Howie the minute I saw him on line. And the black is very stlyish

Molly Daniels said...

I love Howie:)

Glad you've got reliable transpo now!

Anny Cook said...

Congratulations! He looks like a happy little car.