Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wrong Number

For the last year there’s been an elderly woman, Thelma, who calls my number by mistake. Initially I just told her she had the wrong number and sent her on her way. Over time, however, we’ve begun to chat a little. After all, I do speak with her more than anyone else these days.

At first it was once or twice a week. Gradually that has increased. Yesterday, I spoke with her four times. She was trying to call her son and kept misdialing. Now that we talk, I don’t really mind. You see, she’s 93 years old and lives alone. Just like my great aunt.

Ah, now you get it. Though my aunt is still in great shape, better than Thelma I’m sure, she is getting up there. I would truly hate to think someone would be rude to her just because her eyesight is failing and she dials the wrong telephone number. Really our conversations last less than a minute and it certainly isn’t a big deal for me to be pleasant to her.

During one of the calls yesterday, Thelma apologized yet again for disturbing me. I told her it was no bother and by now I’d worry if I stopped hearing from her. I would too. Isn’t it funny how people just kind of show up without warning and become a part of your life?


Anny Cook said...

What a lovely gift--for both of you!

Smut Girl said...

that is nice. for some reason that made me think of Gladys (sp?) on the Ellen show. How that one little call turned into a regular thing. And how can you beat a quote like: "I love Jesus but I drink a little"?

You are a good person to take time for her. Not so many people take time any more. Like today, you took time for me and I am clearly off my rocker! :)


Amarinda Jones said...

I always said you were a good person - scary - but good

Neeley said...

That's my Barb. =) And yes, people do show up in the darnedest ways.