Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's Go Pens

As you may recall I’m a hockey fan, the Pittsburgh Penguins to be specific. I must admit I’ve been very remiss in following them this year although I do know they’re not doing well, 21-19-4. J, the friend who taught me all things hockey, felt the need to email me and point that out. How, uh, nice of him. Not.

In his email he mentioned that he was going to last night’s game between the Penguins and the Flyers, his team of choice. I had forgotten about it until I was drifting off to sleep last night and heard “The Flyers lost to the Penguins 4-2.”

See what happens when you make fun of my team? I think it serves J right for tormenting me. He should know bettter because history shows that no matter how bad the Pens are playing they still have moments when everything falls into place and they play as well as they’re capable of. I’d say I’m sorry that J didn’t have as much fun as he would have had the Flyers won but you’d all know I’m not. He should have sent me in his place.

Linked releases Friday at Ellora’s Cave along with Tantalizing Tilly by my friend, Amarinda Jones. To celebrate we’re having a contest. Stop back Friday for details on how to enter.


Amarinda Jones said...

I was wondering when you would mention the hockey thing again. You were most fanatical last year if I recall....

Molly Daniels said...

Go Pens:)

What is the 4? Is it the number of how many times the score has been tied?

Regina Carlysle said...

Are you going to call and rub it in? No, probably not but it's gotta be tempting.

barbara huffert said...

Yes, Molly. 4 is ties. In hockey standings teams get 2 points for each win and 1 per tie.

Regina, he has a restaurant so I think I might go there for lunch Friday. Just to celebrate the book release of course.