Thursday, January 1, 2009


Nothing much going on here today. I ended up going to bed early last night. Hey, I was tired and I'd had enough of 2008. Due to the high winds, the organizers who put on the fireworks display up at the pagoda had to cut out most of them. I figured I'd be able to sleep through the few remaining ones. Not quite but they didn't disturb me to the point where I was honestly awake.

I did miss the relighting of the pagoda. As part of the hundredth anniversary celebration spruce up it got new lights all around and last night at midnight was the first they would be displayed. That's okay. They'll be on tonight too.

Today I've been domestic. Yes, I know, wrong for a holiday but it means I'll have my weekend free so I see it as worth it. Believe it or not I even cooked the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch good luck meal of pork and saurkraut and mashed potatoes. Real mashed potatoes, not out of a box. I know you're all probably thinking ew now and I used to agree with you. It's an acquired taste and I've grown into it. Actually, I started making it myself which means I can wash the saurkraut which eliminates the excessive salt taste. I also cook it without adding water so it's not soggy, my other complaint. Much better my way.

Other than that, I'll probably watch an old movie or maybe start out the year by reading a book.

Oh, talk about things that are just plain wrong, I have to work tomorrow. There should be a worldwide mandate against working the day after a holiday when it falls on a Friday.


Molly Daniels said...

I'll agree with you on that one; I'm all in favor of the four day weekend:)

Amarinda Jones said...

It pisses me of you can't write at work - that's just wrong,,,,what about your workers right to waste time?

Anny Cook said...

You're absolutely right. Working on a Friday after a holiday is just wrong. Happy New Year, Barb!

Regina Carlysle said...

Sounds like a fine meal. Down south we do blackeyed peas. I tossed blackeyed peas into the crock pot with a bunch of ham and last night, I made homemade cornbread, heated up the ham and served the blackeyed peas. MIL brought peach cobbler. Very down home meal.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I hope 2009 is infinitely better for you than 2008. {{{HUGS}}}

Btw, I love saurkraut - yummmmmmm!