Thursday, January 29, 2009

Taz Comes Home

Once upon a time there was a little orange and white kitten who lived in the Tall Grass with his brothers and sisters. They played and chased butterflies in the sunshine and then all curled up in a heap to sleep.

One day, strangers came to the Tall Grass and looked over all the kittens. One by one, the others were taken away until only the little orange and white kitten was left. He had heard his Food Givers talking with the strangers. No one picked him because they all thought his ears were much too big. They laughed at him.

The little orange and white kitten was very sad. He was loney. He had no one to play with and his Food Givers ignored him most of the time. He was afraid he would be alone forever and then suddenly one last stranger arrived. She scooped up the little orange and white kitten and hugged him to her, declaring that he was absolutely perfect. She tucked him in close and took him with her out of the Tall Grass.

The stranger took the little orange and white kitten to someplace she called Home. Inside, she hadbowls for his sips and crunches, just for him! She also gave him his very own sandbox. She carried him all over Home, talking the whole time, telling the little orange and white kitten how happy she was that he was there with her.

Then the stranger, his new Food Giver as he figured out, put him down and let him explore. The step mountain was too high for him to climb easily so he only went part way up but once he was there, he sat down and looked around. She was watching him closely. When he started to climb down, he almost fell but she caught him, cuddling him close again, telling him to be careful because she would hate for him to be hurt.

As he wandered around his Food Giver talked to him. She asked what his name was and wondered if it might be Cody. Cody? No, that wasn’t it. The little orange and white kitten had to help her. He remembered the other Food Givers had a loud box with little creatures that moved inside it. One of them had the same name as he did. She had a box just like it so maybe she knew about the creature too. If he acted the same as it did, maybe she would be able to guess his name so he ran around in circles really, really fast until he got dizzy and fell over.

The new Food Giver saw him. She picked him up and looked right in his little face. She asked what he was up to. When she put him back down, he did it again but this time he sat before he fell and looked at her. He meowed his little meow. After a minute, she picked him up again and asked if his name was Taz. Yay! She understood!

And that is how Taz found his Home.


Carly said...

Aww, I want him! :) I miss having kitties around.

Regina Carlysle said...

Oh, this is so sweet.

Amarinda Jones said...

Cat story huh....hmmm..nothing to say on that...have a good day

Anny Cook said...

Welcome home Taz.

Molly Daniels said...

Sounds like our Oreo! He's figured out he owes his life to D, who let him stay; I'm just the mean old Food Giver who locked him in the bathroom the first two days he was here!

But, my hair and feet provide 2am entertainment, ha ha...

Anonymous said...

Oh, B....he's adorable!

You should really write a children's book, you know. You so have it down. Teach me, teach me!!!

Love those ears, by the way.

Sandra Cox said...

Awww. I like that story:)Do you now have another kitty?