Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just When You Think You've Heard It All

I watched the news last night. No clue why as it’s something I rarely do. Soon as I tell you what I learned you’ll know why.

First there was a story on a new website, Cute As Hell, which the reported dubbed as facebook for pets. You register and post your pet and then others comment and vote on who is cutest. There’s article and tips and merchandise, all pet related. No, I didn’t sign up my boys. They can do that themselves if they choose to.

The second thing that snagged my attention informed me that it is now toad mating season in Philadelphia. There’s a group that is so concerned about the toads crossing a busy city street to get to a marsh in order to mate that they’ve organized a watch and talked the city into posting a detour and closing the street once the toads start a-hoppin’.

In serious news, authorities in Gambia rounded up 1000 alleged witches and forced them to drink hallucinogens. President Yahya Jammeh believes witchcraft was responsible for the recent death of his aunt so he invited “witch doctors” who combat them to come in from neighboring Guinea. These specialists are aided in their witch hunts by police, soldiers, intelligence agents and Jammeh’s personal guards. Amnesty International is now involved in putting a halt to this.

Finally, Linkenholt, England is for sale. The whole village that is. There are 21 cottages, a grand manor house, a cricket pitch and pavilion, 1500 acres of farmland and a 425 acre wood. The only thing not included in the sale is the local church. It’s located 75 miles southwest of London and comes with 40 residents who currently work the estate and would really like to stay on. This can all be yours for the low, low price of $32 million. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Please, be civilized in your rush to snap up this bargain.

I think I’ll go back to living in my nice, comfy void.

Oh, a reminder. Tomorrow is the equinox. Stand your eggs on end.


Amarinda Jones said...

Well...I have no idea what to say after that but I will now pull some eggs out of the fridge in readiness

Sandra Cox said...

Good blog

Anny Cook said...

Sound like a nice little village to live in. Are you sure you don't want it?