Monday, March 9, 2009


There was yet another suicide bomber in the news. It has me thinking.

The people. Are they acting independently or are they designees of a group, just waiting their turn to be blown to bits? I’m asking about little bombings in open, public places, not major events like the World Trade Center. Do you think the groups they belong to ask for volunteers or is the person who was wearing the blue hat to last week’s meeting the unlucky one to be next in line?

The bombs. I know if they’re acting independently they strap them on themselves and off they go. But if they’re acting for a group is there someone who does it for them and then says “Nice knowing you” as they pat the bombers on the head and send them on their way? Are they on a timer so the person wearing the bomb doesn’t know exactly when they’re going to die or is there a trigger that the individual must consciously choose to set off?

The locations. How are they chosen? Let’s face it. In a public place the odds of injuring someone not targeted are extremely high. Do they care or is that just how it is?

The causes. Call me shallow but I can’t think of anything I’m willing to die for. Mothers, calm down please. I’m talking causes here, not your children. Reacting instinctively and dying to save your child is a whole other topic. Yes, being a martyr for a cause might appeal to some but think about it. Wouldn’t they be able to do more to further whatever they believe in by sticking around and promoting it? A suicide bombing is a once and done thing and then that person’s usefulness is gone. Also, any unnecessary loss of life is sad and taking innocent lives in the name of a cause is tragic but seriously, does the news of another suicide bomber have the same impact on your thoughts now as it did twenty years ago? Perhaps it’s time for these groups to come up with a better idea because that one has outlived its usefulness. Hey, just my opinion here. You’re welcome to comment and share yours.

The hate. Is it justified? Within these groups, assuming the bombings are planned by groups, does anyone ever stop to think about why they hate whoever it is they’re about to kill or are they just blindly following some charismatic individual that excels at stirring up those around him without truly making any sense?

I know. It’s a lot for a Monday. I’ll go now and leave you to your fragile illusions of peace and safety.


Sandra Cox said...

Its a horrible situation isn't it? A lot of fodder for a book. They pay the suicide bombers families don't they? Not to mention they've supposedly ensured their place in paradise. Now that's a really scary though.

Regina Carlysle said...

All in the name of religious fervor. Sickening.

Amarinda Jones said...

Fanaticism is a drug and they do not think or care who they hurt. Fanatics have no thoughts of their own. Fanatics lack courage. How is blowing yourself up courageous? Live life - fight your cause peacefully - make changes that way and then I'll respect you

Anny Cook said...

I suspect there is also the element of the charismatic leader who keeps them stirred up. And I notice that many of them are young. In a world where families are incredibly poor, it seems that this is a way to better your family's life--and still supposedly do something positive (from their viewpoint). Sad that sick leaders take advantage of poverty and youth to carry out their agenda.