Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Believe It or Not

I watched my very first reality show. Which one? Any Dream Will Do on BBC. Why? Mainly because I was channel surfing and heard a song I like. It had good points I soon discovered. It’s hosted by Graham Norton. Two of the panel members are John Barrowman and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Sorry, no idea who the other three people were. The premise? Finding the next Joseph for the West End version of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, a show I adore.

The episode I saw was already down to six contestants, all teenagers. Not sure how many they started with but there are four more weeks to go. I don’t how other reality shows work but the group all came out and sang a song from Joseph. Then each participant sang a song on his own after which the panel members had a chance to comment. After that they had groups of three perform together to compare and contrast. At the end the panel selected the individuals that they definitely wanted to continue and had a sing off with the ones they weren’t sure of in order to eliminate contestants.

Overall it wasn’t bad. The performers I saw were already weeded out so they all had talent. The songs they did from Joseph were great. The ones they chose, not all to my taste but not badly done, even the guy who was voted off at the end. Will I watch it next week? Um, maybe? If I remember and I’m not involved in something else. Do I now get the fascination with reality shows? Oh hell no! But then I doubt I ever would, even if I watched a series start to finish.

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Regina Carlysle said...

Swore I would NEVER get involved in a reality show but damn it! Never say never. It's such a guilty little habit, I swear.