Friday, May 22, 2009


There was another bank robbery this week right around the corner from where I work. Great entertainment watching the police swarm the area, checking rooftops to see if the robber tossed the bag of cash to be recollected later. My squirrels were not at all happy. Their lunch was interrupted by an officer searching their courtyard. Nope, he hadn’t been there. I admit I can be somewhat unconscious at times but I think I’d notice someone scaling the wall, hiding something and then climbing back out. The yard isn’t that big and I sit right by the window. If nothing else I’d look out to see what the squirrels were chattering about. That’s how I know the police searched it.

So it seemed the robber got away with it as the bank photo was as fuzzy as ever.

Wrong! Later the same night, a car cruised by city hall, radio blaring, speeding. An officer happened to be pulling out and got behind it. The driver didn’t stop when he flipped on the lights. He tried to get away. He made it maybe a dozen blocks before losing control and crashing. Fortunately, into a wall and not into an innocent bystander. The driver wasn’t hurt and attempted to continue running on foot but was soon tackled and taken into custody.

As it turns out the driver just happened to be the bank robber. Pretty dumb of him, right? He actually might have gotten away with the robbery had he not screwed himself by being such a moron.

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Anny Cook said...

That's how most of them get caught. Sheer idiocy.