Friday, May 8, 2009


But first, Drake’s Rules received a most excellent review from Brenda Talley at the Romance Studio. Click here to take a peek.

I was involved in a ponderance the other day. The topic? Tub mats. Why do they now slip around instead of staying put like they used to? Even the non-slip ones. The suction cuppy type, not the use adhesive to glue them down type. Have you noticed it too or is it just us?

We had a great debate on design. With the several we have and tried combined, none seem to make a difference. Many small suction cups, a lesser amount of large ones, one piece molded construction, suction cups of differing materials attached to the mat surface. They all slide. Maybe environmental constraints make the polymers less suctiony?

Then we wondered if it were perhaps something that has been altered with current soaps, shampoos, cleaning products. Since they’re less harsh now, do you think that makes them slipperier? None of us have new tubs so we know that’s not it. Nor do we have water softeners although we do have city water so maybe it’s something in the treatment of that.

Any insights on the matter?


Molly Daniels said...

Puzzling. The one at my mom's house doesn't slip, and as my own shower is in the basement, we use the padded, interlocking blocks such as one would find on the floor in a gym or pre-school. The only time they slip is when someone doesn't clean under them regularly...ahem. Not pointing any fingers. Not me. Noooo way:)

barbara huffert said...

Nope, that theory doesn't work. Weekly comet and I drape it over the edge of the tub every morning to let both dry. I hate tub scum!