Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maybe I Was Bad

I’m out of space to plant anything new in my yard. A real pity considering one of my favorite greenhouses was having its Spring sale this weekend. I was sure they’d have some lovely stuff left. What’s a girl to do?

Simple. Go buy wonderful plants and stick them in someone else’s yard. Cool, right? I got a whole mess of stuff and mixed it all together. No planning. No color scheme. Just cool plants in all shades tossed here, there and everywhere. That’s how I generally disorganize my gardens. Drives my Master Gardener mother crazy because I plant everything in the wrong place with stuff that doesn’t like each other and then ask the yard spirits to watch over the garden. It all grows and forms the prettiest mixed up rainbows and she has a fit because it shouldn’t work.

Hopefully the yard I planted today has spirits like mine does. Just in case, I had a chat with the ones at home while I was squeezing in the three plants I just couldn’t resist for my garden. I’m sure they’ll go visit the other yard now and then to check on it for me.

Ooh, by the way. No one was around when I was planting and um, they didn’t know I was coming. Boy, won’t they be surprised?

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Anny Cook said...

That sounds so lovely...