Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where Did It Come From?

The music used in porn movies, I mean. Have you ever heard anything like it anywhere else? Who writes this stuff? Even if it’s one guy with an electric keyboard in his basement somewhere in New Jersey, don’t you think he could manage just a bit of variety? Maybe toss in something resembling sultry blues now and then? You know, something that actually coincides with the action?

Seriously, if the music were better maybe I’d watch one on occasion. Okay, so maybe not but I’m just saying. It’s bad enough they contract the same breathy babe to do all the moaning in every movie ever made. Does all the music have to sound the exactly the same too? Is there some law that says all porno flicks need to have the same chicka chicka boom boom soundtrack and nothing else ever? If so, how can we go about getting it amended?

I’m sorry, but I get so distracted being annoyed with the music that I lose track of the whole purpose of watching the movie in the first place. Yes, I do know I could just turn off the sound but that makes it even worse somehow. To me, it then resembles watching an old movie where the sound and action are out of sync and just makes me silly.

Ha, bet I have you all wondering now, don’t I? Mission accomplished!


Amarinda Jones said...

Forgive me, I have never watched porn movies - but I imagine it's not watched for it's artistic merit. And no, nothing about you surprises me anymore

Anny Cook said...

Don't porn movies have credits just like other movies?

Smut Girl said...

no sound and the point is to get off! alone or attack whoever you're with. i have a movie in the closet that we have never made it past the eleventh minute.

Now do this: Brown chicken, Brown cow (bow chicka wow wow). Do it again: Brown chicken, brown cow. (bow chicka wow wow--pornish, yes?) Now I dare you not to do that all day long. ;)

Happy New Year! May it rock!

Regina Carlysle said...

I think that's why I prefer reading...not porn but erotic stuff. No music. That stuff sucks.