Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Cuteness Brigade

The five baby kittens went to their new homes yesterday. As expected momma cat is very upset with me. But they had to. The other choice, to leave them on the street, was not an option.

The little tiger kitty is now ensconced in my house. My other fur babies are not at all happy with me. Bixby, who will be 19 in two weeks, rolled his eyes and went back to sleep. Harry and Kya are in hiding and Quinn is standing guard, growling non-stop.

Beauregard, Beau for now until he grows into the rest of his name, is fearless. He’s smaller than Quinn’s head but not at all intimidated. He’s exploring and trying to make friends even though Quinn is trying his best to appear threatening. For his own safety I’m crating him when I’m not home but that won’t last long. Soon as he grows a bit, he’s less than a pound now, he’ll have the run of the house and I’m sure he’ll take over in no time.


Sandra Cox said...

What a doll baby.

Ashley Ladd said...

Beau is absolutely adorable!

In a couple weeks, mama kitty wouldn't want anything to do with the kittens. That's always amazed me how they can shun their own babies after they're weaned.

You did what you had to.