Monday, May 10, 2010

Babble from Beneath the Bridge

Burbling biddies bray
Behead the bastard before breakfast

Bombs bombard the embattled bastions

Broken battalions battle on
Bypassing the blitz brokered by the bitter bourgeoisie

Brawling blood kin berate brothers bent on burning bridges

Brigadiers brazenly boff beatific boys
Bored and boring by bedtime
As they break befitting bylaws

Bureaucracy bans bands banging out bebop on burial barges

Best buds buy benzos on the black market
Bringing bits of bliss to their burned out brains

Beggars bundle bootleg booze beneath baggy boxers
Bargaining for bread with bodacious brats

Bouncing babies born of the bottom of the barrel burp bubbles of blood
While bleached blondes banter banally
Buying bullets in bulk from backroom bosses

Boardrooms become buckled Babylons
Because bent braggarts bemoan bona fide business behests
Blatantly bestowing baubles by the billion
On the baser bits of the beau monde

Bells bing and bong
Bringing bowed blessings to the baleful body of beastly beasts

Even bumblebees buzz the bereaved as they beat the bushes for bucolic balance

A big bubble of bad blankets across the board, bar none

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