Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do Not Try This At Home

It began innocently enough. An offhand comment made on a not so good day. A question tossed out by a friend. A few lines of discussion before moving on. Only my mind didn’t move on. No, it latched onto the snippet and let it roll round and round until it formed a complete thought. And once it had there was no way it would ever go away without being experienced. But it was wrong, so wrong, and I couldn’t possibly. Could I?

My friend and I met up at a club as we do on occasion. It was getting late and we were enjoying ourselves, making fun of those who were becoming desperate. You know, the last call for sex, not alcohol, crowd. I’m average, to say the least, nothing special to look at. I spend my life being invisible, drifting along, observing, absorbing, without ever really being noticed. Fine by me. I like it that way. I can always tell when the natives are beginning to get restless about going home alone because that’s when their attention focuses on me. It generally amuses me. My friend too. That night, however, there was one guy in particular who was being a flat-out, over the top jerk of untold proportions. He was truly pathetic in his attempts to secure me for his night’s entertainment. Not that I’m not worth that level of effort. I definitely am, just not without knowing a damn thing about me first.

Normally I would have blown him off, had a good chuckle over it with my friend, and forgotten him instantly. I might have, had that thought not still been lurking in the fringes of my mind. He was persistent, I’ll give him that. No matter how blatantly I ignored him, he just wouldn’t go away. His mistake came when he reached the height of desperation and offered me whatever I required if only I would accompany him home. That’s when my friend met my eyes and nodded. He knew what I was thinking and was encouraging me to go for it. Oh my, just the idea of it had my juices flowing, especially since I wasn’t alone in my desires.

I told the soon to be victim that I would go off into the night with him under one condition. That he made me come as soon as we were outside, before we got in his car. Agreed. With his mouth. Agreed again. So, with a quick grin to my friend, out we went.

There was a walkway beside the club that led to a small, unused patio. It was lit by a nearby streetlight but walled and secluded, perfect for what I had in mind. Lucky for me I happened to be wearing a skirt, sans panties which was pretty much the norm for me. Victim number one tried to kiss me but I was having none of that. I didn’t want him getting that personal with me and I was more than ready for what I’d requested.

There was a forgotten crate that was the perfect height. I nudged it so it was in the light, letting him think it was so he could get a good look at the way my pussy was glistening with wetness, supposedly from his impending attention. Actually it was so my friend, who had followed silently, would have a good view of all that occurred.

I parted my thighs wide and told him to suck my clit. I was feeling rather needy by then and wanted to get right to it. He didn’t even hesitate to fall to his knees and bury his face in my crotch. Surprisingly, his technique wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d expected. He licked, sucked, tongued and fingered me. Oh yes, very well done indeed. Of course the knowledge of what was to come may have had something to do with enhancing my excitement. I was whimpering, moaning, shivering. My pussy flooded, rewarding him for his efforts.

I looked up. My friend had stepped from the shadows and was watching us intently. The expression on his face, pure animalistic delight, pushed me right to the edge. He inhaled deeply as if scenting me. That did it. I was ready to come. So I slipped the tiny ice pick from the wide leather bracelet I wore as a sheath, a gift from my friend for protection when I went out. I ordered the jerk to fuck me deep with his tongue. As soon as he had it shoved all the way into my clenching pussy, his nose mashing my pulsing clit, I clamped my quivering thighs around his head, holding him in place. I leaned forward, gasping in pleasure as I grabbed a handful of his hair. The instant my orgasm rocked through me I lifted my arm and jabbed the ice pick into the base of his skull. I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Damn, it was so good!

And then, before I was fully alert, my friend was there. He extracted the pick and wiped it clean on the poor sap’s horrid plaid shirt. He pried open my thighs, letting my first corpse slump as he helped me to my feet. He straightened my skirt and I felt his hardened cock brush my hip. So that answered the second question. Watching was as much of a turn on as doing. After kissing me thoroughly, he slipped the ice pick back into its sheath and led me from the patio.

I’m sure there’s a lesson for everyone in this. Whether it be to watch what you say to your friends for you never know what they’ll take to heart or that you be careful who you approach in your desperation since looks can be deceiving I’ll leave for you to determine.

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