Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Deserve a Reward

Why? Because I did not go out today and purchase a fly swatter. But it was so very tempting. No, not because there’s a sudden pre-season fly infestation in Reading. Had I gotten one today I would have utilized it to swat the annoying people who crossed my path. Some of them more than once because trust me, they more than needed it. Yep, working my last nerve today.

I also deserve a reward for eating greens at lunch. Now just because the green happened to be in the form of a pistachio muffin I still say it counts towards the daily veggie quota. If it’s the proper color, it’s a vegetable. Just like margaritas count as citrus fruit. That’s right, lime in color means it falls under the lime classification. Perhaps I should have had margaritas with my muffin. I’ll have to work on doing better with that, making sure I get the daily recommended requirements of fruits and vegetables.

It’s strawberry season in my yard. Woohoo. Could you hear the sarcasm in that? Strawberries are only slightly better than bananas as far as I’m concerned. And no, I’m not real thrilled with strawberry daiquiris so the above does not apply for this one. I can’t yank out the plants because that would anger the yard spirits and then they might stop taking care of the other things growing out there. So I come home every day and dutifully pick the berries that have ripened. I haven’t looked yet but I’m really hoping that it was cloudy and chilly enough today for there to not be any more ready. And this is only day three. It’s going to be a long month.

There is apparently much happening in the local kitty neighborhood surrounding my house. For the past week, the cat who strolls by and chats with my cats on occasion has been there every evening. Now that the windows are open I hear him calling to them as soon as he hits the end of the yard. He stands on the cellar door, peering in the window and trills and chirps all the goings on to my kitties. I’ve learned to not walk by while he’s visiting because I always get that displeased cat look if I do. I’m not sure what he’s telling them but they seem very excited by his daily reports.

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Anny Cook said...

Love pistachio muffins! I so get the fly swatter deal, too!