Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Extreme to the Other

This week I’ll give you a choice for your weekend activities in Reading.

On Sunday, at the Feeney Home, there’s a free concert, part of the Centre Park Mansion series. It starts at noon with a violinist and continues at 1:00 with eight opera singers performing selections from La Boheme. After the concert there will be time to tour the Feeney Home. It’s one of those gorgeous old homes located in the Centre Park District. It’s also a funeral home. The ad isn’t specific but I suspect a tour of the embalming room is not included. Admission is free.

Your other choice, should that be too tame for you is to go out and milk snake venom. I was chatting with an individual today who actually does that. He has special containers he carries with him as he goes out snake searching. When he finds one, say a rattlesnake, he snags it, gets it to bite the jar to release the venom and then releases it. The venom is then dropped off at a collection site at one of the local hospitals where it is transformed into antivenom for use when someone comes in who has been bitten. No, this doesn’t pay much. It’s more of a public service type thing. Any type of poisonous snake venom can be collected. If you’re seriously interested contact me and I’ll put you in touch with this gentleman.

A tiny side note which I think is of interest. There is a big discussion going on to cap the fees charged by ATMs. At fifty cents! Way better than the three dollars some places charge, isn’t it? I do generally try to go to my bank in order to avoid the fee altogether but you know how it is. Every now and then you need money right then and there and can’t get to the appropriate bank.

Okay so after I posted this I was chatting with someone who actually knows about snakes and the first gentleman was basically making it up as he went along. You can’t really milk snakes in the field, hospitals do not prepare their own antivenom and rattlesnake bites are more often than not treatable with first aid measures, not antivenom. So scratch that off your list of possible activities for the weekend.

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