Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My World

I need a new hot water heater. My old one decided to start leaking Monday. And once they start leaking it’s only a matter of time before they go altogether. I don’t really want to come home to 40 gallons of water on the basement floor so I’m not ignoring it as I do some things. Fortunately I know someone capable who is taking pity on me and will install the new one at a far more reasonable cost than a plumber out of the yellow pages would.

Howie is now all zippy and bouncy, even zippier and bouncier than he was before. I’ve had him for two years and finally took him in for a tune up. He was running fine but I had promised him since I had no idea when his last tune up was so off he went for some pampering at the car spa today. Now he wants to go somewhere farther than our usual local jaunts. Perhaps I’ll charge up my camera and we’ll do some out of town exploring over the weekend.

In kitten news, Beau is a Houdini kitty. I got home the other day to a still-latched empty cage. The big cats were all lounging around the living room, looking sheepish. Instantly I suspected foul play, like maybe they ate him since Beau’s only half a sammich size but then he came prancing out from behind the sofa all proud of himself for escaping. He now has the run of the house even though he’s not very adept at going down the steps and tends to roll head over heals when he tries them. I’m not sure what he did to Quinn this morning but Quinn kept flattening Beau every time he attempted to scoot by him. Beau made it through the day and happily pounced my feet when I got home so Quinn must have tired of that game. Princess Kya’s made it back downstairs though she still hasn’t forgiven me for bringing Beau into her kingdom. At least she hasn’t attacked while I’m sleeping.

How’s everything in your world?

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