Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I was listening to a conversation today. Couldn’t understand a word they were saying. Which, at the moment, struck me as very odd for some reason. So I listened a bit more carefully and they were speaking English after all. Not heavily accented, hard to make out English. Plain old ordinary hear it all the time English. No, I wasn’t particularly involved in any sort of deep thought. No, there wasn’t some sort of high drama going on around me. I just had a moment when English quit making sense. Fortunately, or perhaps not, it’s over and I understand again. I wonder if I’d be able to suddenly understand some other language if English hadn’t come back?

What I don’t understand is why there are three nearly empty school buses that stop within the same block every morning. One is a handicapped bus with the ramp in the back. The other two, however, don’t seem to have any special features and the kids that hop on to them look to be about the same age. Maybe the block near my house is the beginning of their routes though that seems a bit unlikely since I’m not at the end of the city limits. Still, couldn’t they consolidate and save some gas purchased with my tax money?

I called up my satellite TV provider a few weeks ago and asked them to turn off my service. I don’t really watch much TV to begin with and now that they had a fight with Comcast they no longer carry Versus which means I can’t watch the Tour-de-France anyway so why pay all that money for basically nothing? I do sort of miss the Travel Channel. Not enough to have it turned back on just for that. The neighbors immediately next door have entrusted me with a key to their house since they lock themselves out all the time. They’re very nice people who aren’t home all that much. If there’s something I really, really think I absolutely have to watch I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I wandered in and borrowed their TV since they borrow various stuff from me all the time.

I flipped through the local visiting nurses circular today. On the back cover was a full page ad for funeral and cremation plans offered by a nearby funeral home. Don’t know why but I can’t decide if that’s funny or wrong.

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