Friday, May 7, 2010


One of the street cats that wanders the neighborhood where I work had kittens just over two weeks ago. Five of the cutest little balls of fluff ever. There’s a black and white, a white and black, a tan tiger, a gray tiger and a black tiger. Yes, they’re who I’ve been posting pictures of the last few days.

The mom cat has them tucked into a cabinet on the second floor porch of the building I work in. She’s skittish but not tremendously so for a street cat and I suspect she had people way back when. She does understand that we provide food. Also, and this is the best part, she gets that I am not going to hurt her babies which means I’ve been playing with them every day at lunch.

It’s very difficult not to scoop them all up and take them home with me. I’ve asked my kitties if we could have a baby but they’re being tough and giving me that look as only a disgruntled cat can so the ladies I work with and I are trying to find them homes. Otherwise they’re going to end up being taken to the local shelter since we don’t want them to become street cats too.

Anybody want to adopt a super sweet adorable kitten?


Sandra Cox said...

Oh my gosh, look at those sweeties!

Regina Carlysle said...

Oh, they are beautiful! Hope you can find good homes for the sweet little things.

branquinha agdp said...

ki fofo