Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today is Bixby’s birthday. He’s nineteen. Nineteen! He had so many problems the first two years of his life I had serious doubts that he’d make it to his third year let alone his nineteenth. But here he is. Ruling the house, keeping the rest of the fur babies in line, commandeering whatever sleeping spot he chooses at any given moment.

Bix has never been what you’d call an affectionate kitty. Not with people anyway. He adored Igor, one of the older resident cats from the day he moved in. They were instantly inseparable even though I brought home Bixby’s littermate along with him. It’s only the past few years, since Igor died, that Bix has begun to tolerate attention from me. And I think that’s only because I followed him around for months as he stomped up and down the stairs, searching the house for his buddy, Igor, after he was gone. When he eventually tired and sat still he’d lean against me and let him pet him, giving me that sad kitty look the whole time. It was a very long couple of months and again, I wasn’t sure Bix would survive it. He’d lost his bestest pal and he was beyond depressed. Yes, cats do stomp and yes, they do get depressed. Over the years he’s seen other kitties come and go but none have held a spot in Bix’s heart like Igor did.

Beau, the latest addition to the bunch, is providing Bixby with endless hours of entertainment. I swear he sits beside me, rolling his eyes and laughing Beau’s kitten antics. It only took one swat and a half a growl to make Beau understand he was not to pounce on any part of Bix. I wonder if I could convince him to explain that my toes are off limits too.

Anyway, it’s kitty birthday today. Join the celebration. Tuna for all!

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Molly Daniels said...

Happy birthday Bix:)