Monday, June 14, 2010

My Weekend

All those choices of things to do last weekend and I did none of them.

Instead I went to the greenhouse to collect some flowers. I walked in the door to find a bunch of ducks playing under one of the tables. Typical mallards and tame as can be. They walked along with me for a bit, checking out the flowers, helping me to choose until they were distracted by their wading pool.

As I was leaving, I asked their story. They were a gift to the owner’s granddaughter as Easter peeps but her mom wasn’t in favor of keeping them. For their protection, they lived in the greenhouse until they grew a bit, with the intention of releasing them at the nearby stream with the wild ducks. They’ve done so several times but each time they’ve returned within ten minutes. The greenhouse doors are left ajar while they are open for business so the ducks could leave if they chose to but it seems they prefer to stay.

I ended up with petunias in pinks and purples which I then took and planted in a yard not my own. Yeah, I’m at it again. My yard has been taken over by damn strawberry plants. I have no space left for flowers so I have to plant them elsewhere to enjoy.

Another stop I made was the yarn shop. Very deceptive place it is. The air conditioning there is on really high, I’m sure to help inspire customers to knit. There are so many pretty yarns to choose from but I already had something specific in mind for my next project. Still, it didn’t prevent me from wandering around and touching everything to see what I might want to use after that one’s finished.

I also took Beau for his first round of kitten shots. He’s nearly doubled in size, up to almost two whole pounds! He, of course, thinks he’s all grown up. He’s too old to hang out and play with me like he was doing. These days he spends his time with the big cats, ignoring me. Well, except when he annoys them too much and they put him in his place. Then he comes running to curl up on my shoulder again.

Do anything interesting?

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