Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Want!

SWAT boots. Yeah, I really do.

I was flipping through a catalog for outfitting criminal justice personnel today and came across the footwear section. Several different styles are seriously cute and now I think I have to have at least one pair. Hmm, probably two, one black and one khaki.

What? You don’t think professional SWAT people choose their footwear based on the cuteness factor. I think you’re wrong. I read the blurbs and all the offerings seemed to have the same basic functionality – slip-resistant soles, non-metal supports so you don’t set off metal detectors, pathogen blocking, durability, flexibility for streets or uneven ground. So what’s left? Mm hmm, how cute they are.

I was highly disappointed however. The pair I liked best didn’t come small enough for me. What’s up with that? There are female SWAT team members. The manufacturer needs to get with it and offer smaller sizes too. Why should guys be the only ones who get the niftiest shoes?

I’m not kidding. They may even be cute enough to forego the constant wearing of my crocs, though not entirely. Oh by the way, my birthday’s coming up. If you don’t know what else to get me…

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