Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's Review

You dial the phone, making a call to a company, not your best bud. Someone answers, offering the standard greeting of good afternoon followed by the company name.

Do you:

a. Start out by asking “Who’s this?” before you say anything else?

b. Ask “Is this [insert company name that was just included in the greeting you heard]”?

c. Completely ignore the person who answered and continue to carrying on the conversation you were having with the person standing next to you?

d. Bark out the name of the individual with whom you wish to speak, saying absolutely nothing else?

e. Begin a conversation immediately as if you’re speaking with someone you know intimately and not the perfect stranger who answered?

f. Ask the person who answered to take off their shoes?

You venture into a business for the specific purpose of obtaining employment there.

Do you:

a. Chat loudly on your cell phone, answering several calls while requesting the application?

b. Bring along two of your friends and have a very personal conversation while filling out the application?

c. Ask the individual who handed you the application whom you’ve never encountered before in your entire life to be a reference for you?

d. Bring small children with you and allow them to scream, cry, spill sodas, drop candy/food on the floor, and/or run around the office, ignoring them the length of time it takes you to fill out the application?

e. Wear your swimming suit with a less than adequate cover over it?

f. Tell the individual who handed you the application your unabridged life story even though they are obviously busy performing their required job duties?

The good news – I didn’t hurt anyone today even though it’s still hot, I still haven’t slept and I’m still grumpy.

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