Monday, June 28, 2010

I Am Grumpy

Seriously grumpy. From the heat. It’s been in the 90’s with humidity for days. The radio people keep saying storms are imminent but they never materialize. That makes me grumpy too. I like storms. They shouldn’t promise things they can’t deliver. Yeah, I know. Predicting thunderstorms on days like this has pretty good odds of happening but not always so they should word it differently.

Hmm, I wonder if I could find some sleazy lawyer who could sue the weather bureau for me for generating false hopes. If I won, I could maybe have air conditioning in my house. So I could sleep. And then I might not be as grumpy as I am. Or I could sue them for lots and lots and move someplace where it doesn’t get this hot. I could stand to go outside then. That would help with the grumpiness factor too. And I could cuddle Beau without feeling like I’m going to suffocate. How can one little 2½ pound mini cat generate so much heat?

I whistled Jingle Bells a few times this afternoon, trying to convince myself it wasn’t as hot as it is. Didn’t help. But it did make people wonder which I don’t see as a bad thing. Of course I tend to do that without even trying. Ooh, maybe I should try. Can you imagine how bad I could be with a little effort?

The vacuum and I had a Nike moment Saturday. No, not that kind of Nike moment. Sheesh. With a vacuum cleaner? Really? That’s a bit twisted, even for me. Anyway, as I was saying before your minds drifted into the gutter, the vacuum and I tousled and I won. I decided it was entirely useless, clogged as it was, and would need to be replaced anyway so there would be no harm in my taking it apart. So I took out all the screws I could find, with Beau’s assistance, and got a six inch solid plug of Quinn fur out of the internal tube leading to the collection basket. Major design flaw having an elbow in it like it does. But I dug it out and managed to get the thing back together, with only one screw left over and now it’s working just fine again. Ha!

Stay cool and send any and all storms my way.

Note: Receiving one of the pins in the picture above would go a long way to improving my mood too. Hint, hint, hint.

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anny cook said...

I am definitely ready for it to be cool! Yes! Too hot for the kids to go outside!