Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank You Kindly

As you know, I disconnected my TV provider a few months ago. Nope, don’t miss it one bit. For the past several weeks whenever I felt the need for mindless entertainment I’ve been rewatching Due South. Ever see it? If not, I recommend it.

The premise – a Mounty trailed the killer of his father to Chicago and ended up staying on at the Canadian Consulate, becoming a liaison with the Chicago police. There’s enough action in each episode to keep it interesting, humor in the form of Diefenbaker, an opinionated deaf wolf who’s addicted to junk food, and the ghost of the dead father who hands out crime-solving advice. The Mounty is beyond honorable and polite, meticulous, and full of stories about growing up in the Northwest Territories which drives the Chicago cop crazy at times.

All in all it’s a decent show and I’m disappointed to be on the last episode. I wish there had been more than three seasons. But I am happy to report that the last episode ties everything up nicely instead of just ending with all sorts of questions hanging out there.

Anybody have a suggestion for what series I should get to watch next?

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Molly Daniels said...

I think I remember that series!