Friday, June 4, 2010


I am objectionable. According to Classmatesdotcom that is. Repeatedly, they send out emails urging me to post what I’m doing now. So I did. Due to the confidential nature of my day job I can’t really say much other than I work at a halfway house. Only now, after years on the Classmates site, it seems my other job as a published author is unacceptable to mention.

Over time, I’ve posted pictures of my book covers. Again, at the request of the site propaganda. “Let your friends see what you’re doing.” Well what I’m doing is writing erotic romances and the covers are my way of showing people. They also encourage members to post bulletins of what’s new in their lives. In my case that means book releases.

Yesterday, I went to add my newest book, Second Act, since I now have a cover and a release day, July 2nd. I logged on, only to find that all my photos and announcements are hidden due to “objectionable” content. I haven’t posted excerpts or even blurbs as I was sure that would have caused too much of a stir. Nor have I posted information on either my or the publishers’ websites for people to learn more since that is definitely against their rules. All I shared were covers which yes, are suggestive but there is no true nudity, no exposed parts.

So what Classmates really wants to know about are the nice, pleasant little mundane things and not anything that is remotely interesting or out of their comfort zone. Bully for them. I refuse to apologize for what I do. In fact, I’m damn proud of myself for accomplishing what I have. If anyone wants to sneer at me for it I suggest you give it a try. Go on. Write your own erotic romance novel, submit it to the foremost publisher in that genre and get your manuscript accepted. Once you do, let me know when your book is coming out. I’ll post all the pertinent info here for everyone to see.

As for Classmates, as soon as I figure out how, I will be removing my profile from their discriminatory site entirely. I will not be associated with any organization that exhibits such blatant censorship. Let someone else be treated as their redheaded stepchild. I’m done.

Happy weekend, all.

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