Saturday, February 18, 2012

Almost Spring!

I played in the dirt today. Not a lot. But enough. There’s something about digging that is so soothing.

The ground wasn’t frozen, which is both good and bad. Had it been, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to enjoy myself as I did today. But it really should be at this time of year because it messes things up when it’s not.

I entertained the neighborhood where I went digging. You see, I drove up, hopped out of Howie in front of a house where no one was home and just went at it. I suspect they didn’t understand. Good thing it’s a place I visit fairly often or they likely would have called to report a crazy woman disrupting their neighbor’s yard. As it was one of them came out to chat with me after which he reported in to the neighbors on both sides of where I was digging. Yep, made me chuckle as I worked. Out loud. Which is probably what sent him scurrying home.

Oh well. The homeowners knew I was coming and told me to have a blast, which I did, and that’s all that matters. Happy weekend all!

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