Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Just Saying...

I watched Kate & Leopold over the weekend. I’ve seen it several times but who doesn’t need a dose of Hugh Jackman now and then?

As always I was struck by something that no one else ever seems to mind. For those of you who haven’t seen it, the premise is that Kate’s former boyfriend discovers a hole in time, goes back to 1876, spends the day observing his great-great grandfather, Leopold who then follows him when he returns to the present. Kate and Leopold fall in love so when he goes back to his own time, she slips through too. At the ball which both begins and ends the film, Leopold announces his engagement. To Kate.

Cute little love story, right? Well, mostly. Or don’t you see the creepiness factor here? Kate’s former boyfriend, the man she had a year-long relationship with is Leopold’s great-great grandson. As in Kate was intimately involved with her great-great grandson. Ah, now you get it.

Okay, so neither of them knew at the time and the movie completely glosses over that fact but still.

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