Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Google Tricks

Budget Print Center, a Reading-based printing company, does a pretty cool monthly newsletter with all sorts of helpful tips. I’m borrowing this from them, some of it you might already know, some of it you might not. They’re a great local business and I recommend them for your printing needs if you’re in the area.

Surely everyone who has a computer has used Google for internet searches. But did you know Google is useful for a lot more than searching? Here are a few helpful tips you may not know about:

  • Track flight status info by simply entering the airline and flight number.
  • See the weather anywhere by typing "weather" followed by the city and state, U.S. ZIP code, or city and country.
  • View instant stock market data for a given company or fund by typing the ticker symbol into the search box.
  • Check out instant sports scores for NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, etc. by entering the team name into the search box.
  • Use Google as a calculator by simply typing in the calculation you'd like in the search box (ex: 5978/42=)
  • To not only search for your word but also its synonyms, place the tilde sign (~) immediately in front of your search term.
  • For an instant definition of a word or phrase, type in "Define XYZ."
  • Not sure of the spelling of a word? Use Google as a spell checker. Simply type in a word regardless of the spelling.
  • Find movie times and reviews by typing in the word "movies" with your location (city, zip code, etc.).
  • Track any type of package by simply entering the tracking number in the search box.
  • Convert metrics, currency, and more. For example, type in "80 inches in mm."
  • Search people profiles by entering a first and last name. Google yourself as an example.
  • Translate text by using
  • Do a local search. For example, type in your city name and "coffee" and a list of local coffee shops will appear.
  • Find out the current time anywhere in the world by typing "time XZY."
  • Look up a phone number. Simply enter the phone number you're interested in.

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