Thursday, February 23, 2012


I was a good girl today. No, really. I was!

Instead of going out to play in the dirt like I wanted to, I came straight home to wait for the gas meter man. As expected, it’s just fine. I’m curious though. They seem to be replacing a lot of the gas lines in Reading. The short ones connecting the pipes running down the center of the street to the houses. But there seems to be no pattern to it. They’re doing a block here, a block there. I asked the man when they’d be doing my block and received a blank stare. Makes me wonder what the criteria are to determine which get replaced.

While I was waiting, I collected up all my tax material. Well, organized. I am fairly good about stuffing statements in an envelope as I pay bills so all I really had to do is sort through them to make sure I had everything. Yay, me! I do. Next step, motivation to actually drive across town and drop it off. I really shouldn’t be this way. They’re very nice, kind people. They seem to feel genuinely bad as they’re telling me how much money I owe every year.

I should have delayed putting on my lounging clothes and gone off to the farmers market instead. Thinking about that has me depressed. I need cake.

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