Thursday, February 16, 2012


Ha ha black sheep
Won’t follow that bitch Bo Peep
Word up on the street
Kiddies, you’s in for a treat
No stories today
Instead we’s gonna play

Last time I looked
The ole goose lady ‘bout to be cooked
Soon as Peter the p’eater
Done his straight up beat her
Needle from the spoon
Send her over the moon
Gimme the bat
Gonna relieve her head of some fat

And in the space
That used to be her face
Itsy bitsy spider
Gonna hatch some poison eggs inside her
Ain’t nothing gonna wash them out
Once we seal her up with ticky tacky grout

Shut up her braying
No use her praying
Don’t matter awake or asleep
She ain’t got no soul any lord wanna keep
Fuck yeah, go yank her from her bed
Time to get her dead

© 2009 Barbara Huffert

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