Monday, February 6, 2012

The Things You See

I was crossing the street today and crossed paths with a man walking with his three children. The boy might have been six. There was a younger girl and someone in a stroller. They were chattering away and seemed happily involved in their discussion. All in all they appeared to be a cute family.

Or so I thought until I got a bit closer and could overhear what they were talking about. Care to guess? No? Okay, I’ll tell you. The topic that had them so engrossed was expectorating. Yes, that’s correct. Spitting.

The man was teaching the kids the best way to do it in order to avoid getting spittle all over their fronts. Naturally, the kids tried, somewhat unsuccessfully. The man demonstrated, complete with instructions as in turn your head and look down a bit, aim a spot far enough away so it doesn’t blow on you.

I suppose it’s a lesson they need to learn but I would really have preferred him to be teaching them that it’s not particularly polite to spit in public, in front of strangers. Yes, I admit it. I’m old.

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