Saturday, February 4, 2012


I went off to my favorite yarn store the other day. I intended to go touch things and poke around. You know, get my fill of pretty colors, feel all the different textures, then head home. I do that on occasion. It makes me smile.

But there was this sale. And I found a book by the designer I prefer that I don’t have. Er, didn’t have. Yes, flipping through it, I found a sweater that I instantly decided I need. Naturally, since there was this wonderful sale going on, I just had to pick out yarn right away even though I’m no where close to the point in the sweater I’m working on at which I generally allow myself to begin the hunt for the next project.

There’s a different sweater I meant to be working on next. One that I planned on making one for me first, to learn the technique since it’s not one I’ve attempted previously, before making one for my friends. While I was there, picking up this and that, I happened across a yarn that I am positive will be perfect for that sweater. Have I mentioned the huge sale going on?

Yes, ended up being extremely extravagant and taking home that yarn too. Plus the needles that I will need for that sweater. Well, there was this sale…

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