Sunday, May 25, 2008


For some unknown reason I was surfing various news sites this morning. Not the norm, I assure you. I know it's wrong but the headlines have been so upsetting lately that I've opted to skip delving into any additional news.

Here's something I stumbled across..."Fourth Severed Foot Found Off B.C. Coast". Okay that got my attention so I read the article. Apparently there have been four right feet, all in socks and running shoes, washed up on various islands in the Strait of Georgia within the past year. Two were size 12. There is no evidence to suggest the feet were forcibly removed. Huh? They were too heavy for the ankles so they just fell off? And then the owners of the feet simply tossed them into the ocean once that happened?

The article went on to include bits of an interview with an oceanographer whose speciality is studying floating objects. He said left feet and right feet often wash up at different times in different places because they float differently. Hm, and how exactly did he make this determination? He added that it's not unusual for beaches to collect all rights or all lefts since ocean currents and winds sort out left and right footwear. Again, I ask, whu-the?

I wonder how much money has been invested in these studies. I also wonder how this man made the decision to get into this sort of thing. Do you think perhaps he grew up near a beach and kept finding all the same side body parts and just had to research why that happened? And how many parts are out there floating around, waiting to wash up thousands of miles away from where they originated? Do you think there are "Lost" posters on poles somewhere with instructions on where to return these feet to when found?

Maybe I should read the rest of the news more often.


Amarinda Jones said...

"Do you think there are "Lost" posters on poles somewhere with instructions on where to return these feet to when found?"....I like the idea of that...however, how sad is it that people are missing and maybe those that care for them are unaware because they have lost touch. Lots of lost people out there.

barbara huffert said...

Yes it is sad. Part of the article that I left out is that there was a small plane crash last year. They only found one of the bodies and suspect this is where the feet came from. They are doing DNA testing so perhaps these few families will finally have some closure.

Brynn Paulin said...

That is weird.

LynTaylor said...

LOL! Good lord. How strange.