Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Dance Time

Sorry but break out your umbrellas.

Beyond Meddling released today from Total-E-Bound. This story is very special to me. Nope, I'm not explaining why. You'll have to read it and then I'm sure you'll understand. I posted a tame excerpt a few days ago to help Molly write my release ditty. Never read any of Molly's work? Shame on you! I'm honored so be sure to check it out.

The wonderful and talented Amarinda Jones posted an adult excerpt today so I'll post one that's in between.

Excerpt Beyond Meddling, not so tame:

As he thought back to the first days of their reacquaintance, his fingers gripped his cock. Before they left the coffee shop Be had accepted his invitation to meet again the next day. They ended up going for a walk around the lake. At one point they took a break to sit on a bridge and watch a pair of swans. It had warmed up by then and Be unzipped her jacket. He couldn’t help but notice she was braless. By her grin he could tell that she knew he’d noticed.
Mm, he sure had. How could he not? Her top was pale green and light weight. Her nipples were protruding and he could see them clearly. He squeezed his shaft, stroking faster at the memory of how much he’d wanted to slip his hand under her shirt and touch her. Or even better, pull her shirt off so he could sample her. Just the thought of having his mouth on her luscious breasts made his cock throb. He’d kissed her then. Or she’d kissed him. He wasn’t entirely sure. All he remembered was one moment they’d been talking, the next he’d lost his train of thought because he was staring at her chest and then they were kissing.
Oh God her lips were so soft. He was lost as soon as he first felt them caressing his. Then she’d leaned closer, her breast ended up pressed against his arm. It had taken all his self-restraint not to devour her. And that was before he’d heard her little whimper. The thought of that sound, so full of desire, pushed his control to the edge.
“Evan,” she’d sighed. “Touch me,” she’d whispered, her breathing ragged as her hand guided his to her breast.
The memory of that first touch was more than he could stand. He groaned as his cock pulsed, emptying himself until he was drained. He slumped then, resting his head against the arm he rested on the shower wall until he finally noticed the rapidly cooling water. His heart sank. Be was already gone for him. In a few short days she’d be gone from the area and it would be final. He wondered how long he’d continue to torture himself with thoughts of the woman he wanted more than life itself but could never have.

In other book street-dance-worthy news, the Bound Brits Anthology was reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed.

All Roads Lead to Ripon is intriguing. Barbara Huffert kept me guessing about Simon. I thought for sure All Roads Lead to Ripon was going to have some paranormal elements because of Simon’s secretive nature. When I found out what Simon was all about, I had an ahhh moment. Ms. Huffert kept me on my toes.

Thank you, Jambea! Click here to read the full review.

Well that's about it for today. It's about to rain again so I better go close up my windows.


Amarinda Jones said...

No surprise on the great review. I already bought - yes I did - you know what I mean - my own copy of Beyond Meddling. Stubborn? Hell yeah. Good luck with the release

Anika Hamilton said...

Congrats on the release and the great review.

BTW. My brother posted a response for you regarding the customer service question. :-)

Molly Daniels said...

I'm so glad you liked your song! My daughter helped with a few of the words, so can't take credit for the whole thing:)