Friday, May 30, 2008


It has not been my week for alarms. The first one that went off, my security system, was my fault. Yesterday, I had something in my yard that needed to go to work and without thinking I opened the kitchen door. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to remind the neighborhood that I have an alarm system but really I would never do that intentionally at six AM.

The second was not my doing. This morning at 3:35 the attic smoke detector when off. For no reason, thank goodness. Talk about being scared awake and into full alert, panic-mode in 2 seconds flat. I think it’s the battery going dead but why it didn’t chirp at me like they normally do I have no idea. Hm, better add batteries to the grocery list and replace them since it seems once one goes they all do.

My boss, gotta love that woman! Yesterday, she took me on a fieldtrip to pick out flowers for the courtyard outside the window next to my desk. Today, she let me come to work in my grungies and plant them. How cool is that! Now my squirrels have a pretty place to frolic.

After yesterday, I think a few of the neighborhood children now hate me. I was in my yard, doing my daily strawberry picking and the gaggle of little boys a few yards away kept asking me for some. I refused, not because I’m mean, because I don’t know them. I don’t know if they’re allergic. I don’t know their parents. I tried to explain that they should not be asking for or taking food of any sort from a stranger but they were too young to get that. What concerns me is that no one poked their head out the door to see who they were talking to. This time, the boys stayed in their yard but I can’t help but wonder if anyone would notice if they ventured further.

It’s supposed to be a wonderful weekend here. If you’re close by, get out and enjoy the sunshine before it gets too hot. Amarinda, I hope your area is getting a good soaking.

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Amarinda Jones said...

"What concerns me is that no one poked their head out the door to see who they were talking to."

Yeah - that concerns me too. I came home last night and it was dark and this young girl of about 11 was going up the street to the corner store and her mother was yelling at her telling her to buy this and that - yet allowing her to wander off in the dark. I turned and looked at the mother and said 'Get's dark early now doesn't it? You can barely see where you are walking'. She got my subtle hint and caught up with the daughter. Why do people have kids if they don't look after them? Walking to a store in the dark is just as dangerous as wandering around the city in the dark. And is an unknown child's safety my business? Yes, it is