Friday, May 23, 2008

I Have...

...the bestest friends!

I was having one of those moments. You know them. I was home from work, about to change into my at home clothes and I decided I didn't feel like staying in. Now don't get me wrong. I'm perfectly capable of entertaining myself whether at home or out somewhere. It's just that sometimes I feel like company.

I made the first answer. Darn! Second call, sorry, obligations - she owns a fabulous B&B and was waiting for a late arrival. Sad but the conversation did get me an invitation to Sunday's cookout. Third call was not someone available to hang out with, too far away, but she's someone who would commiserate not to mention the first call's child. She informed me her mom was most likely mowing the grass and to call her back. So I did. This time she answered.

I barely finished explaining the reason for my call and she said sure, dinner was cooked for the family, she was on the way. No questions. No hesitation. Just an instant yes, she'll join me. Gotta love a friend like that! Especially since I know I'm not the easiest friend to have.

For example, there are times I get a little absorbed in my writing and forget I'm supposed to be somewhere. Also, I tend to not show up if I'm given too much warning. I'm great last minute, spur of the moment. I'm just not that good at sticking to prearranged plans when made too far in advance. I'm also a bit too self-sufficient at times and don't always socialize. Hm, could be why she dropped everything to join me since it's so rare I ask. Also could be why the second person I called was genuinely disappointed she couldn't come out tonight.

Thinking on it, I really don't know why they put up with me but I sure am glad they do. I don't say this nearly often enough but I love my friends. They are the absolute bestest friends ever!


Molly Daniels said...

Everyone needs friends like that:) Darn gas prices...I know it only takes a few hours to drive to far is Reading? But not at $4 a gallon. Sorry. I'll have to swing by if and when I ever get to drive out of state again.

Maybe if the price drops back down to 99 cents per gallon?

Kelly Kirch said...

Woulda joined you if you were nearby. I'll be there in spirit.