Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cookies Instead of Kisses

Don't blame me for today's topic. Blame Amarinda. She's the one who brought it up and started me thinking. This is how she ended her blog today. May you be kissed often by one with knowledge.

Mm, yes please. I would dearly love to be kissed often by one with knowledge. There's only one snag. No one to kiss. Before I tossed the ex, I had myself to the point where I didn't think about kissing. Well, not in relation to me that is. My characters are a whole nother story. But I'm not talking about them now. I'm talking about me. I gave up kissing the ex years ago for reasons you really don't want to know. Then, back in October, I liberated myself. Even since the parts of me I'd tucked away for safe-keeping have been slowly reawakening and coming back to life.

Hm, what to do? All reaved up and no one to kiss. Yes, this is becoming a problem. There is one individual I'd like to spend unlimited time kissing but he's currently in hiding. Seems I scared him off last time we saw each other. Perhaps I should come with a warning label about being too potent. All I know is how terribly unfair it is for him to kiss and run when I was just getting started. Oops, rapidly approaching the TMI line here so veering off in a slightly different direction.

Ever find yourself wandering around, checking out those in your immediate vicinity and spotted someone you wanted to kiss right then and there? Every now and then I do. Look, that is and see someone. I really don't go around kissing random strangers on a whim. Anyway, I was at the grocery store today, lip viewing to make it bearable. Nope, no good window shopping going on there today. sigh

What I did discover is that Oreos now have easy open pull tabs on the front of the package. Tabs that reseal too! When did that happen? Persaonally, I see this as a splendid addition. Probably a good thing they didn't have this feature when I was a kid or I might have been tempted to sample an occasional Oreo when accompanying my mother. You all know how that would have gone.


Amarinda Jones said...

Don't blame me - blame Rhett Butler - and I truly believe Oreos are better than kisses anyway

barbara huffert said...

You need better kisses from one with more extensive knowledge if you truly believe that. But Oreos are a close second and I suppose they'll have to do for now.

Amarinda Jones said...

well to be honest I would prefer Tim Tams to Oreos