Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yep, It's Thursday

With all that happened yesterday and the aftermath today which is the equivalent of gawkers parading past a bad traffic accident, I completely forgot I got my summer haircut. What a shock it was to step into the shower this morning and find it missing. Of course that was after I already started with way too much shampoo for the little amount of hair I have left. Poor Mouse usually wakes me by tugging on a few strands and there’s not even enough for him to do that. Guess that’s why I woke to the sound of his meowed complaints instead. Maybe next I’ll play with the color. My only concern with this is that once you start you almost have to continue. I just don’t know if my attention span is long enough to deal with it on an on-going basis.

I work in an office smack in the center of downtown. Sounds bad but this particular office is located in a converted home. I sit between an eight foot window that looks out on a walled garden and a gorgeous brick fireplace.

There’s a squirrel who I’ve been watching for months. Now that the weather’s warm, I’ve decided to attempt to befriend him, much to the dismay of most of my coworkers. One woman went so far as to tell me she deliberately aims for them when driving. Hm, not something I understand. In fact, to me, that’s just plain cruel. They’re living creatures who aren’t hurting her in any way.

My friend Molly’s children just got a pair of rats. Ones that live inside the house. Ones that they’ve named and hold. Pet rats. She’s posted pictures if you want to see them. I’ve heard rats make cool pets but they’re not for me. Nope, I’d rather stick to my fluffy-tailed squirrel friend who lives in the yard. I’m sure by the end of the summer I’ll have her sitting with me at lunch, eating cashews out of my hand.


Anny Cook said...

Go squirrel! Hmmm. Or you could color your hair and then cut it off when it grows out. In the meantime, go for a two-toned effect. Or color it with that "wash out" color that fades away.

Molly Daniels said...

You can semi-blame my father for the rodents. We had many 'pet squirrels' in the backyard, and the kids have grown up helping Grandpa feed his 'pets', relocate chipmunks, and of course, one of our now-deceased dogs loved to track them on walks!

No, didn't make it to Ft. Wayne...Kelly's going to come down and kick the tires of my car in retaliation...I'm sure she'd rather use a ball bat!

Amarinda Jones said...

hmm...squirrels are probably like out they inflitrate and never leave your life

Spooky - I had a hair cut just an hour ago

Kelly Kirch said...

I highly recommend color. Funky color.

Are squirrels "who"s? Really, I want to know cause I have this issue come up sometimes and then I debate with myself forever until I say "screw it" and let H deal with the problem.

Squirrels are cute rats. I would never harm one, but I wouldn't invite one to feed out of my hand and risk rabies either. Always wanted to hand feed wildlife. I'll live vicariously.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I LOVE squirrels - my kids and I watch/feed them all the time.

We had one who chewed his way through the screen on our back porch to help himself to our birdseed.

Our back porch is tiny-tiny-tiny - more of a breezeway, anyway, and this squirrel couldn't care less that we were out there with him.
Once he even brought his girlfriend over to the great dining spot he'd found - lol. She ran away from us though.

Boy was the squirrel pissed when my husband put chicken wire over the screen. The squirrel would hang on it and chatter angrily at us whenever he saw us. We'd still put food out for him, but he was pissed - apparently he wanted the indoor dining experience.

barbara huffert said...

I consider anything with a proper name to be a "who". True, she doesn't have one as yet but she will.

Amanda used to live in my block. She'd come when called and show up for dinner every night. If I was late feeding her, she would balance on top of the chainlink fence outside of my kitchen window and chatter until I went out to feed her. She would bring her boyfriend, Jake eventually and then I'd have one on either side of me, eating out of both hands. She also brought her babies to visit when I invited her too.