Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Take A Moment

When you see some atrocity on the news or read some horrific story in the paper that involves individuals stop and think. Take a moment to honestly think about it. You know there’s always so much more than is reported. Every story has a slew of stories within it. Every individual has a slew of lives connected to theirs. Take a moment and think about them before you judge and criticize.

It’s true that many of the things reported are awful. But, because of everything going on in the background, they’re so much worse than any of us can even begin to imagine. Take a moment and consider all that are affected instead of just spouting off at the snapshot that resulted in the moment being made public.

I have a friend whose life, whose family’s lives, were irrevocably changed today. There’s nothing anyone can ever do to make it right. I ache for her. I wish more than anything I could help. I have all sorts of what if’s and I should have’s and if only’s running through my mind. Too late for that now. All I can do is let her know I’m here, that I care, that I love her and am available whenever she’s ready to reach out no matter how long it takes.

Someday it might be your friend in the news. So next time you hear of some tragic occurrence take a moment. Remember that there’s more to it and open your heart to the unreported victims behind the scenes.


Amarinda Jones said...

You are right - there is always more to every story because human beings are not headlines. My thoughts go out to your friend

Kelly Kirch said...

Sounds like she really needs you right now. It's wonderful that you are prepared to be there.

Anny Cook said...

I always think about the families that have to deal with the fallout. It's a mess and too often, they're lumped in with the rest.

Blessings on your friend.

Ray said...

Whenever I see a story, especially on local news I always think of it as an invasion of privacy or titillation. Why else would the anchors discuss the story after it is told as if it is something they heard in the high school bathroom or make a joke about the next humorous story without pausing for breath.

Thank God your friend has you for support even if she isn't ready to accept it for what it is.