Sunday, April 13, 2008

I have the Lopsy Lyles

That's what my dad would have called this severe case of inertia I'm suffering from today. He had all sorts of names for things. I've always suspected he made them up as he went along but if he did, he was good at it. Once a term was used it was repeated with the same meaning.

So what's my problem? Dunno. Maybe I don't have one. Hm, that seems too easy. Maybe I'm bored. Okay, boredom. So change something.

I went outside earlier, actually took out the trash. See? I haven't stopped entirely. I'm still doing necessary chores, just nothing that's good for me. I walked around my yard and looked at all the pretty flowers. For a moment I considered grabbing my gloves and readying the ground for planting annuals next month but then I rejected that notion. I have a month. What's the rush?

I looked in my book room. My neverending project of organizing my books is still stalled. Yep, books and boxes stacked everywhere. No order to anything. Have I mentioned that I have roughly 10,000 books? They don't all fit in the room. The rest are scattered about the attic. One room up there is wall to wall, floor to ceiling bookshelves. The other is storage and yes, most of the boxes have books in them. Surprisingly I have a general idea of what I have. And I do think I could find a particular book, should I ever rediscover the ability to read. In the meantime, why bother sorting through them when I have little interest?

I debated on taking a walk. It's overcast and a bit chilly but the sun pops out occasionally and I do own jackets and sweatshirts. It really is a pretty spring day. Only problem is I don't really feel like going alone and the friend I used to walk with is having personal meltdown and has no time for mundane things such as a walk with me. Nope, no time for a little laughter that could actually improve both our moods. Nope, much better to wallow in a bad situation that doesn't stand a chance of truly improving. Oh, it may look like it but we both know it'll be on the surface only and with no lasting effects. But okay. Delude yourself if you have to. Just don't be surprised to find that I'm not sitting where you left me when you're done.

Okay so maybe I'm not completely inert. Maybe I'm a little mad, or even a lot mad, and that has me too preoccupied to be productive. Oh the other hand, maybe I simply care and being forced into the role of doing nothing when I know my friend is hurting is really bothering me. I put the offer to help however I could out there and that's all I can do at this point. Right?

But I digress. What was my point? Oh yes, the Lopsy Lyles. Seems I have quite a case of them today. I really have to shake them because I'm getting tired of living like this. As you go about your day, please keep one thing in mind. Your actions, no matter how inconsequential they seem, do effect others. Think carefully before acting or speaking. I'm not suggesting you live your life based on others, just that you're aware of how you impact those around you.


Brynn Paulin said...

I have always wanted a usable attic. I think they're cool. And man! You have a lot of books!

Anny Cook said...

Now I have a name for what's wrong with me. Thank you.

About your friend... what away for a while. Sounds like you both need a little space.

Kelly Kirch said...

And sometimes you need to tell your friend to get over herself. Coddling can be rather self-indulgent for both of you.

Molly Daniels said...

I soooooo need to come to your house...of course, you probably would only see me for meals, LOL:)

Is there a B&N close to you? I'll see what I can do about expanding my 'tour' your way:)

J.J. Hebert said...

10,000 books. You're quite a collector!